The aim of Fractal is three-fold: First, it aims to encourage the young people of Bloemfontein to visit Oliewenhuis Art Museum and to enjoy the contemporary exhibitions and the South African permanent collection hosted there. This will result in a love for art in its educational capacity, which will be an investment for art in the future.

Secondly, Fractal provides opportunities for young http://resume-for-you.com talented artists to expose their creations and abilities to a wider audience.

Thirdly, it is involved in fundraising ventures. All proceeds of all performances, productions and shows go to Oliewenhuis Art Museum and some of these funds are invested in artworks by younger artists.

Fractal bought their first acquisition for the permanent collection of Oliewenhuis Art Museum in 2000, a wooden sculpture titled Mosadi , made by Justinus Khaolibe (an artist from Bloemfontein). Fractal later purchased a lithograph by Nigel Mullins, titled Hopeful monsters , and in 2001 a linocut by Mirriam Mazungula, “Umthi upharob ‘Inyangi” (The medicine has tricked the medicine man).

Fractal also bought a sound system for Oliewenhuis Art Museum and contributed funds for purchasing Jan van der Merwe’s Vertoonkas.

What is Fractal?

Fractal is an ad hoc committee of the Friends of Oliewenhuis Art Museum, consisting of 3 – 10 executive members. It originated as a result of younger artists finding it increasingly difficult to make a living from the arts. The idea developed to try to promote the arts among the young people of Bloemfontein, and to involve them in productions, workshops and exhibitions.One of our aims is to educate the general public and thus awake in them the desire to preserve our national art museums. A love among the people for art is an investment for art in the future. In the process members are also gained for the Friends of Oliewenhuis Art Museum.

What have we done?

Since 1999, Fractal has hosted a variety of productions with great success. We had several African Drumming evenings in which the public were invited to participate and to bring along their drums. We also had cultural evenings, beer-tasting competitions and an edible art event. Another successful event was the ‘Shed Your Skin Fashion Show’, which was held annually from 1999 to 2005, attracting a great number of participants as well as spectators. Fractal hosted a successful Valentine’s picnic in 2007. We also had the first Fractal Young Artist Exhibition this year and are planning to make it an annual event.

For more information, contact:

Tel: 051 0110 525 (ext 611)
Ester le Roux: oliewen@nasmus.co.za
Yolanda Els: yolanda.els@nasmus.co.za


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